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Monday, March 23, 2009


Last Friday was an exciting day over at the Wisdom Arts Club. Two of my students, Eliza and Ruby, finished knitting their hats!

I love all the colors in these hats. They learned how to knit in the round and how to decrease, and how to stick to a project even though it felt like it took forever. Patience! Rewards!

Eliza, did all her funky embellishments as she knit. So, the braids and flowers you see were worked in the first week. She had a story to tell about her design. It's about a magical land.

And, isn't it great how the girls wore such pretty flowery dresses on the same day.
Happy Spring!

All photos were taken by Laura Cooper. Thank you!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


This is the new pattern I'm teaching to the kids to make at the Wisdom Arts Club. At first, they were intimidated, but after thirty minutes or so, they were all getting it. It's interesting how anxious students get when faced with a new challenge. I'm seeing myself in their reactions. Teaching is such a learning process for me.

The combination of red and aqua is making me so happy.

Edited to add that on this day, in 2006, I wrote my first post. It has a photo of Felix running with the wind.


Last weekend I found a box full of buttons in my mom's basement!

lucky day