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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Indigo Ripples Skirt Errata

Hello Friends,
Here is a correction for the Indigo Ripples Skirt pattern from Interweave Knits Spring 2007.

Lace Section on page 72:
Rnd 11, 13, 15, 17, 19: * Yo, k3tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k4, sl1 – k2tog – psso, yo, k1; repeat from *.


Emily Scott Banks said...

Thank you so much for porting this! I am making this skirt right now, and in fact, am finding all your skirt designs very inspiring. They are my latest obsession.:)
Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm working on the skirt at this very moment.

kat coyle said...

I hope you enjoy the knitting and I would love to see your finished skirt. :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, I can send a picture. Is your email on your blog page? The skirt will be a birthday gift for my daughter. I love working on it. The Rowan Denim, Nashville, #225, is very dark blue and is fading through my hands. The shade is perfect, however. She lives in Nashville! Please, I would love to email you. Is your email on your blog?

kat coyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kat coyle said...

I've just added my email address to my profile page. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I just completed the Indigo Ripple Skirt & am ready to bind off. It says to use the knitting method in the back of the book on page 122...but it is not there. How should I bind off.

I can not wait to try this skirt on. It is so pretty.

Thank you very much,

Sinéad said...

I was wondering if you can give me any tips on how to knit the skirt in a bigger size than provided in the magazine?
I was hoping to knit it for a 47" waist and 52" hips; or am I mad to think I can do it in that large a size??

kat coyle said...

Hi Holly,
Can you please email me. My email address is on my profile page. This way, I'll have your email address.

current events said...

I am almost done with the skirt but also am not sure how to bind off since it isnt on page 122 in the magazine.

I love your skirt patterns - I jist bought Greetings From the Knit Cafe, and I'm looking forward to starting that skirt as well!

Marcie Buckmaster

kat coyle said...

The bind off is on page 73.
K1 *CO one stitch using the knitted cast on method (on page 122 is an illustration of how to cast on with this method), BO 2; rep from *.

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,
I love your skirt patterns and just started the Indigo Ripples skirt (and the Knit Cafe skirt is on my list!) I have a question - I am petite and I want to shorten the length from the waist to the full hip by about 2", as this is a variation I always have from regular sizes. I was planning on doing the first increases every 3rd instead of 4th round, then the next section every 4th instead of 6th round, then the last every 7th instead of 8th. I was calculating that it would take out 15 rounds or 2.2 inches. Then I wouldn't have to do anything to change the lace section. Any suggestions, or does that sound right to you?


SarahA said...

I'm working on the Studio Loungers and I'm stuck on the Right Front.
For Row 1 it reads to purl to last 5 stitches and then knit three - so I'm not sure what to do with the remaining 2 stitches.

Could you please help?

Sarah A