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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My scarf hat pattern, Nomad Hat from the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue is now available to purchase from the knitting daily online store.

Here is a mohair version I made (different gauge, different look), and another post I wrote about the hat that includes my submission sketch.

Also, here is a link to a finished hat that looks stunning!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is I, cat adrift. We're painting the walls in my room. Everything is topsy-turvy. Good-bye pea green, hello butter yellow!

Last night I was restless and didn’t have the right mind for math. I’m writing a pattern and cursing my slacker teenage self who never paid attention to Ms. Masaki in 7th grade algebra.

Making some drawings always helps ha ha, here’s one with some hand stitching.

ATTENTION: If you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, run over to the Knit CafĂ© for their fabulous sale through this Sunday!

Friday, January 25, 2008

If you're looking for a new hat pattern allow me to direct you to the RedLipstick Webshop: Katie Cap designed by Staceyjoy Elkin!
I made this on the last day of December and wore it to a New Year's Eve party that night and felt chic while staying warm. Nothing like a quick and stylish knitting project to make you feel satisfied.
The yarn I used is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool. I bought one skein of this yarn and let me tell you it never ends, it's huge.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crochet has infiltrated my desk. Little baskets are cropping up to help me gather my goods as I work on organizing my stuff.
Do you spy the bob sticker? Last week I met the Ravelry folks. I love this sticker, what to put it on that will last? I'll just keep it propped up in this basket for now because that face makes me smile.

And on my dresser, a basket or is it a bowl, to hold more random bits. The photograph is of my mom when she was a teenager. I've been going through everything and I found this photo in a box full of momentos, notes from my grandmother, a toy car, vintage sequined patches, lots of beads, a broken get the idea.

The new me - nice and tidy.

Another odd treasure, the fabric doll face a friend brought back from India.

And, to finish, another pin, this one knit on a crochet base.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Felix and I have been walking to the park to feed the ducks.

The floating, soaking process gets the kinks out. I need to do this myself.

Pins are falling from the sky.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Papillon top in the latest issue of Knitscene (spring 2008)

and my own dimly lit photo of the stitch detail taken seconds before running to the post office to mail the finished garment.

The issue also has an article by Grumperina on how to seam your knits and I was kind of flattered that they used this top to illustrate the mattress stitch. You get to see a little bit of the inside of the sweater and where I wove the end into the seam. Seeing that tail end does something to me... I don't know it reveals something about hand made. I'm not sure what it is.

This design is very simple and is marked as a project ideal to make for your first sweater. The front and back are identical with a boat neck, modified drop sleeve and waist shaping from changing needles sizes.
Thinking about first sweaters led me to reminisce about my first sweater. It might have been 1982; I got the yarn from a designers stash after I helped organize her workroom (maybe I'm making this part up? I'm feeling old trying think back this far)...anyway it was orange bulky cotton, front and backs were the same. And it was an oversized (but short) square necked vest that I made up as I went. I gave it to my friend and she claims to still have it! One of these days I'll have to check and maybe take a picture.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

motifs and inspiration

Most of the crochet pins from the last post are made of multiple motifs that I found in this gem: Mini Motif crochet pattern ISBN978-4-02-190416-5. I bought the book at the local Kinokuniya bookstore a few days ago. Dangerous place for me as I saw SO MANY books I wanted. I will be returning soon. There was a paper cut out craft book that I swooned over, maybe next time.

I spent some time pouring over this Karl Blossfeldt book which shows flowers in beautiful, graphic,

stark simplicity but also with a dark edge that highlights their graceful shapes.

The pieces grow motif by motif and have inspired a few simple drawings.

Inspiration everywhere, even in this crowded corner of the yard.

Monday, January 07, 2008


I mentioned in the last post that I spent the weekend crocheting. I had a blast of inspiration. In my mind I kept seeing large flower pins. Do people still wear these? I don't know but they sure were fun to make! Some of the materials used: lace weight mohair, orange thrifted button, and star sequins.

The tender heart back of the yellow flower. Red wool felt sewn to blue/green/yellow silk yarn. It looks nice without the pin but how will it stay up without it?

Mohair, alpaca, sequins, bead, ochre felt

mohair, wool, sequins, felt, button

cashmere, button, tweed, mohair, sequins

angora, tweed, button, sequins

All pins are about 4".

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Beautiful, bright yellow silk yarn from sweetgeorgia yarns. This burst of sunshine yarn was a gift from Mandy and I've wondered about what to knit with it. Finally, something utterly simple knit with good intentions, meaning, I consciously tried to work in a meditative state focusing on optimism, love and peace. It sounds really corny but there you have it.

The yellow diamond drawing was done with much the same thing in mind. I worked a few drawings like this with all my new colored pencils. This is the kind of thing that makes me really happy: lots of sharpened pencils.

My desk in its usual working state. No resolutions this year to tidy it up. Why bother? I'm always working so things have to be out at the ready.
I spent the last three days crocheting and really enjoying it. It's been raining all weekend so I don't have pictures. Maybe tomorrow.