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Thursday, April 03, 2008

babette blanket begins

You've seen my stash, now see it at work. The Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick (available to purchase from the Knitting Daily site) is a perfect pattern for all my Tahki Cotton Classic and Gedifra St. Tropez leftovers. Crocheting around and around is addicting. Just one more square, just one more square….
What will these two colors look like together, and then this one too? What will happen if I combine these together?

An embroidered Spanish shawl guides some choices.

The blanket’s explosion of color compliments my painting of two skunks kissing.

Who am I kidding; it’s pretty psychedelic over here at my house.


eclectic gipsyland said...

That makes me want to do an other one !

Mary-Heather said...

:) Your house is awesome - I really love the colors and vibrancy you have. (Your mom's house too.) Very inspiring! I can't wait to see this blanket as it grows!

Christina said...

Wow, such gorgeous colours. I love the way you've mixed them. Can't wait to see it finished.

Anonymous said...

What's this- another fabulous 9and colorful) crochet project! This blanket is going to be gorgeous!

mames said...

i place the blame directly on you for making me feel a fever to knot a babette blanket. your colors are shockingly lovely and i cannot wait to see it all together.

Nettie said...

Psychedelic and awesome! Everytime I look at your paintings I feel happy and inspired to work with a lot of color.

Maybe that's what I need to brighten my mood. Some colorful painting on the walls.

I can't wait to see your finished babbette, I'm sure it'll fit right in with your vibe.

Twisted Knitter said...

I agree with Mary-Heather! How inspirational to be surrounded by all the color - and I love the results!

raining sheep said...

gorgeous colors...makes me want to make a blanket too.

sienna said...

The skunk painting looks very three dimensional, especially the white fur. (and are they spraying while kissing?? :) what a great image!)

I have this in my queue, and seeing your squares makes me want to do it all the more!

Emma said...

What a wonderful psychedelic start to your Babette Blanket! I cannot wait to see when it all comes together. It does not look all that complicated and I am tempted to try a blanket too, but all that sewing is scaring me off. I will just admire yours instead. :)

kat coyle said...

OH I want to finish the blanket too. I have my squares stacked up, they look good like that too.

mames: I got the babette fever by looking at the beautiful blankets over on ravelry. and by going through my stash i realized i had the yarn!

Emma: it's not difficult. i don't like the idea of sewing them all either. I think the way to go is to sew as you go.

sienna: yes the skunks are spraying while they kiss. silliness. At the bottom of the painting is a perfume spray bottle.