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Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer goodness

Painted, Bright flowers for a bright day.

And, a Super, fantastic gift to make a summer day brighter, and better! Habu yarn, a silk boucle, indigo, hand dyed by Michele!

Thank you. I’ve been knitting blankets in the heat and am pleased to have something small and silky to hold and create with.
I got started on a new scarf, something with enough stockinet to show off the crunchy, slippery texture and a little lace (worked on right and wrong side rows). It’s just enough action to keep the knitter awake.

This knitter is awake, well rested and very pleased.


Poethead said...

Kat, I eagerly await your posts! I love the Habu-ish scarf! You will share the pattern won't you? Please! Your paintings are charming, as always. I'll bet Felix loves them. Does he have a favorite? What blankets are you working on? The granny square one? Talk!

Anonymous said...

This post brought such a smile to my face- I just LOVE your artwork! And the scarf is going to be so beautiful. :)

kat coyle said...

thank you!
Poethead: i will post about the blankets soon. it's not the babette. she is sleeping. i love her but crocheting not so much.
nonnahs: smiling is good. thank you!

Gudrun Johnston said...

Gorgeous colourful art Kat...the bottom one made me think of Max from "Where the Wild Things Are".

Knitsonya said...

Those flowers are bright and beautiful! And I need to get going on something for some summer knitting. I have some habu silk, hmmmm.

Connie said...

I agree with Gudrun, the bottom painting does remind me of Where the Wild Things Are.

Glad you're rested. Sometimes a little rest is just what's needed to recharge the creative batteries ;) The new scarf is looking intriguing! Love that yarn.

gay said...

kat i love really love the beautiful sunny colorful flowers. perfect inspiration for a gloomy gray rainey saturday afternoon.

Cassie said...

It's wonderful that I can come here and see knitting and painting on the same blog! The lace scarf looks like it's going to be beautiful! I bet the Habu yarn feels wonderful in your hands. Thanks for sharing it!

raining sheep said...

Beautiful painting Kat. I love paintings that have bright colors. It is such a happy painting.