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Thursday, September 18, 2008

back to school

It's been a busy, and emotional week with the first days of school; rocky for both of us, but after a couple of tearful days, we are now easily saying "see you later".

The night before school, father and son did some serious doodling with brand new markers and notebook. When I think back to my school days, most of what I remember is doodling while dimly listening to the teacher.

To ease the separation anxiety, I knit Felix a little cat toy. He named him Captain America after a friend's darling black cat. I gave him the cat first thing in the morning on his second day. He was so happy; it helped getting him off to school that day.

The pattern for the cat came from Invisible Threads in Knitting by Annemor Sundbo. A knitter's bliss: a project that heals the nerves of two people and uses small left over bits of sock yarn.


Poethead said...

Oh, this is such a tough, tough time. It's so hard to let go. There's a great children's book called The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. This is a great book for the little ones, and the parents!! Happy thoughts!

mames said...

so glad to hear the family is doing well with school. i love how a knitting mama and her son find comfort in the craft. the kitty is awesome, he is sporting quite an impressive name too. kisses to felix and you too.

oh, when shan gets back from getting married we were going to meet up to give her kisses and congrats in person. would you like to join us? we would love it. :)

Michele said...

nice to know that it's getting easier.

Dee said...

It get easier with time...until its time for college.

Longhorn Diva said...

Delurking to tell you that as an expression of how inspiring I've found your blog, I've nominated you for an "I Love Your Blog" Award.

raining sheep said...

I remember when my sons went to school that first day. The excitement, the trepidation and in my heart, a little bit of fear that I was going to lose them to the 'big world'. Anxious, exciting, happy moments. I am certain Felix will remember the little cat and when he gets much, much older pass cherish the memories of the love that made it for him.

Knitsonya said...

Captain America is wonderful! Those are super powers.