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Monday, December 08, 2008

Who fits these?

I like to imagine what kind of creature could fit into this tiny sweater and these long socks.

Felix has wanted a magnifying glass for ages, we found one yesterday at the swap meet. I called him an inspector; he corrected me by saying "NO, I'm a scientist!"

He doesn't like to wear socks, or shoes, but he really wants these pink socks. Sorry, son, these are for some one else. I promise to knit you a pair soon.


mames said...

the pic with the socks n sweater made me think of a funny dr suess character. and you did it ! second sock, check.

villapeikko said...

Cute socks! My son doesn't like to wear socks either. I have to try and see if he would wear handknit socks :)

Michele said...

must be male sock fever week. my husband who has said no to handknit anything for 2 years finally asked for a pair of knit socks. Felix looks great with this magnifying glass.

Kathleen said...

We have a big magnifying glass in Maine that the kids love to use at the beach. Not sure I'd want to magnify too much here in NYC ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah! Who wouldn't want to wear those socks! Love that mini sweater, too! :)