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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

good day

The sale, last Sunday, to benefit the Wisdom Arts Laboratory, went well.
I snapped a couple of photos of things towards the end of the day.

Wisdom Arts Laboratory set on my flickr page.


mames said...

i wanted to go but we had a family obligation. it looks like it was awesome. the colors you choose make me feel instantly happy. any way to buy now?dr

Michele said...

it's really nice to see the photographs arranged like this - shows such continuity between your painting work and the fiber work - both very organic.

Michele said...

i don't mean organic is in no pesticides - i mean organic as in lots of plant forms - funny how that word now has 2 distinct meanings.

kat coyle said...

thank you michele! I knew what you meant by organic. I had the same thought when I put everything out on the table. It's striking how much the knitted pieces are like the paintings.

mames: i sent you an email. thank you for your interest!

Poethead said...

I wish you could sell one of your paintings on your blog! I live half a world away! I've been wanting to buy one of your prints, forever. Can you post anything for sale on your blog, or is that not allowed??

mary jane said...

I agree with everyone...I love your work so much...both painting and knitting...I long for that antique sock watercolor....