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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

good morning: self portrait challenge

good morning
Originally uploaded by katcoyle.

self portrait taken in my bathroom. usually, i ignore "him" but sometimes i can't avoid the ghoulish stare. the mural was painted by my boyfriend before felix and i moved in. felix likes the babies. recently I was looking at photos from my old apartment and feeling nostalgic for the feeling of a place all mine. i guess this picture represents compromise. i'm not being dramatic, life is good; but lets face it this bathroom is pretty extreme.


Julia said...

Extreme bathing - sounds like an olympic sport!

Nonnahs said...

It was great meeting you on Saturday! How is Felix doing? Better, I hope!

gay said...

wow i'll say it's it makes a cool picture!

Janet said...

Cool picture. I'd be a bit spooked showering with that mural but I understand the compromise of merging spaces... now I live with junk sculptures!

Nicole said...

kind of strange and creepy, but i secretly think it is quite awesome.

Mandy said...

"Extreme" is right. The photo is great, the way it's so neatly bisected into warm- and cool-toned areas. Now, what about the humping monkeys behind you? :)

Frizz said...

Very cool picture but sooo creepy for showering - yikes!! Got to love a creative partner!

Thanks for the nice comment. Loved you jack o'lantern pic too!