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Saturday, November 11, 2006

alligator chair and EZ knitting

Felix has grown out of his high chair, so Johnny cut off the legs and upholstered it. The upholstery part is a little wacky, inspired by a late night burst of energy. When Felix woke up he was afraid of the chair and tried to pry the black cushion off. Then he threw all his toys on it hoping he could "fix" it. I saw him trying to work the cushion off with his alligator and so I decided to take a picture of the alligator and the chair in the hopes that Felix would see the chair as special. And it worked. He loves it.

I've been doing loads and loads of knitting. So I wouldn't feel so isolated and nutty with all the counting and pattern writing and rewriting, I placed the great knitting thinker EZ next to me at my desk. Good company!


Julia said...

Love the alligator chair - I'm glad you were able to entice Felix. EZ is excellent company. May the Muse be with you!

flossy-p said...

That chair is sooo cute! I'm glad Mr Alligator and Felix came around to loving it.