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Thursday, July 12, 2007

big sunglasses

I'll never grow up since I still believe that when school's out for summer it means nothing but good times. Now that I have a kid I'm realizing how much I hated school! I hope my disappointments don't rub off on Felix. We'll see.
Meanwhile, my Internet connection was down for two weeks. I took the opportunity to read a book (Factotum...loved it), and visit with friends.

I'm finishing a sweater for Knitscene; as usual it will be in the mail at the last minute. Something always comes up and puts me behind schedule. This one is looking pretty pretty (yay!). They sent me some yummy yarn, the kind you can knit with in any weather, with amazing drape and in a very optimistic color.
I've also been swatching for a lace shawl. I love lace knitting so much. Oh, on ravelry I saw that a knitter, Grace Yaskovic, made a triangle shawl using the Lace Chuppah charts. The link is to her blog which has a great photo of her shawl being blocked. Don't we all need someone to block for us?
And, I’ve been making lots of sketches. Life without the Internets is a little lonely but productive.


Gudrun Johnston said...

Two weeks with no computer!!
In the past it has been my husband that gets antsy when he can't get online but I recently seem to be following to keep up with the online knitting world!!
Glad to hear you had time for other things like reading and summer hanging out.

Connie said...

I get really twitchy without an internet connection - I'm one of those obsessive email checkers :) But good to see you've had time to stop and smell the flowers and work on designs!

I never had summers off as a kid. I was one of those type A hyperdriven nerds that went to academic summer camps over the summer. Yes, my peers hated me :)

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK--I have to cut back on my knitting becase of my hands and I'm looking for a book to read--I think I'll check the one you finished out...

Anonymous said...

Charles Burowski--I looked up Factotum and found he is the author--such a booze hound but brilliant writer-try some of his poetry--I saw this in a movie form so I think I will read Ham on Rye....

Iris G said...

But we'll have to wait till 2008 to see this specific pretty pretty design!
The shawl is amazing ;-).