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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


In celebration of finishing my last sweater for the Spring 2008 issue of Knitscene I decided to cast on for a shrug for myself. The pattern is called the Pimlico Shrug and is in Knit 2 Together. I'm substituting the yarn used for the sample, Koigu Kersti for Rio de la Plata and Manos del Uruguay. I think the two will go very well together. I didn't swatch them together (I made a gauge swatch OF COURSE, but only with the Rio) because I just wanted to get knitting and worry abut any possible problems LATER.
When I'm knitting for a job my brain gets very tired, so when I'm knitting for fun I really prefer to wing it and see what happens. So much more enjoyable but often the results are spotty. That's okay. I'm only a part time perfectionist.

My recent self portrait: wrist brace. Too much knitting? I can't face the truth. I try to take breaks and stretch but still, I want to KNIT! I can manage knitting with this on if the needles are at least as big as a size US 8 otherwise, my thumb gets sore. I kind of like it's corset lacing and I really like how my wrist doesn't hurt after knitting or writing. Must buy another one for the left wrist too. Does anyone have wrist issues and remedies? I would love to hear about them.


Connie said...

Oh my goodness, Kat, I am also having *major* wrist (and elbow) issues from the crazy knitting. I have 4 deadline projects going on at the same time and will soon have 2 more added to the mix and it does make for some unhappy wrists.

Edna suggested getting craft gloves (I got some from Joann's). It helps a little, but is probably not as effective as your serious brace. I'm just trying to take lots of breaks and stretch things out. But I am completely sympathetic.

Romi said...

Nooooooooo! Not your wrist! Hope it's better soon!

Erika said...

My chiro suggested massage to loose the muscles in the fore arm and wrist.

You need to rub (with some serious pressure) the muscles along the side of your fore arm -- the side opposite the "wrist bump".

And for sore thumbs, do like a pressure point massage on the muscles inbetween the thumb and fingers.

It does hurt so you might want to have somebody else do it...I can't inflict pain upon myself so my husband does it.

DrLeonesse said...

Knitting exacerbates my wrist problems from all day on the keyboard. I do several things: proper ergonomics wherever possible; I get chiro adjustments...upper thoracics and lower cervicals are important areas, as well as the wrist itself if needed; I use circular needles whenever I can...the shorter needles seem to aggravate the problem less; I ice my wrists every night when they are bad...usual stuff...10 minutes every half hour/hour; and finally, I stay away from dairy...dairy seems to be a major offender in joint problems. Hope any of this helps.

Twisted Knitter said...

SO sorry about your wrist pain! I'm clueless about it -- so far I haven't had any issues (lots of unexpected interruptions during knitting must help).

I just have to say though that I love what you wrote, "I'm only a part-time perfectionist." LOVE that -- I can totally relate. :-)

kat coyle said...

Thanks friends for all these great remedies. I definitely need to work on my posture and getting proper massages. I’m interested in knowing more about icing (which I find painful). I wasn’t sure about the length of time needed for icing. So, ten minutes it is.
A few years ago I was seeing a chiro for neck pain. Time to go back! Clearly, the whole body is affected by posture etc. He had told me that all my knitting had permanently damaged my neck. Hmmmmmm…

helle said...

Aaaahhh! So sorry to hear of your injury.

When crocheting with plastic yarn I wear cotton gloves which seems to help a little. With over-use injuries it's usually best to stop the motion that has cused the injury........ don't think so! I swear by icing, even non-steroidal anti-inflammatories if necessary.

I have nightmares about this. Hope it heals soon.

Warm wishes

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about (and see) your wrist! Have you found any relief?