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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crochet has infiltrated my desk. Little baskets are cropping up to help me gather my goods as I work on organizing my stuff.
Do you spy the bob sticker? Last week I met the Ravelry folks. I love this sticker, what to put it on that will last? I'll just keep it propped up in this basket for now because that face makes me smile.

And on my dresser, a basket or is it a bowl, to hold more random bits. The photograph is of my mom when she was a teenager. I've been going through everything and I found this photo in a box full of momentos, notes from my grandmother, a toy car, vintage sequined patches, lots of beads, a broken get the idea.

The new me - nice and tidy.

Another odd treasure, the fabric doll face a friend brought back from India.

And, to finish, another pin, this one knit on a crochet base.


Connie said...

The crochet boxes are really cute. And I love that picture of your mom! It's fun to see them isn't it?

Congrats by the way on your trumpet skirt in the spring IK. It's *gorgeous*. It turned out really really well!

Anonymous said...

Kat, you're killing me with all these beautiful crochet goodies! Absolutely killing me!

Eliza said...

I love your crochet flowers and bins! And I am envious of your organizations skills. Your workplace makes me want to work, of all things!

Mary Jane said...

You have such cool stuff. Is your mom wearing one of your great-grandma's peasant blouses?

j said...

Your mother is beautiful.

Yes, I read your post about your grandmother's clothing business- is that one of her peasant blouses? That is a lovely blouse...

I came over to compliment you on your skirt in IK. Another stunner.

Michele said...

beautiful photo of your mom and these bowls are so delightful. going to look for your skirt preview now.

kat coyle said...

Eliza: Ha! I am naturally a disorganized person, I'm just going through a momentarily tidy phase. Actually, looking around my room about the only thing organized is the inside of that drawer. oh well!

maryjane and j: my mom saw this picture of herself and was amused. she is wearing one of the blouses they sold but it's not one they made.

Thank you for the compliments on the skirt in the ik preview.

helle said...

Love the little crochet bowls and everything else. Your Mother looks beautiful in the photo.

diane said...

jesus man -- I love keeping up with your inner workings this way. Absolutely fabulous! Living as art, art as living documented. beautiful

kat coyle said...

thank you helle, I will pass on the compliment to my mother.
diane! recognize the doll face? another treasure i rediscovered is the spiral graph-y wheels you gave me.