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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Felix and I have been walking to the park to feed the ducks.

The floating, soaking process gets the kinks out. I need to do this myself.

Pins are falling from the sky.


Gudrun Johnston said...

Gorgeousness! those soaking ones remind me a little of something you might find in a tide pool!
BTW just saw the IK Spring preview...really cute skirt!

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

These are so fun, Kat. I loved seeing them in person!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Julia's comment! I am completely in love with those pins!

bjohn said...

Kat - One thing I love and admire about you is how peacefully integrated things are with you. Ducks floating, flowers floating...the pins are lovely.

Poethead said...

Weee! I like the one with the brown pointy edges, the white lacy piece in the middle with the black beads (or so it appears). I love your skirt!! So nice for spring!

Mary Jane said...

I too love the watery floating ducks and medallions. lovely! Great skirt too!

kat coyle said...

thanks for all the nice comments and for the heads up about the spring ik preview. looks like a pretty issue. i love your sweater maryjane.
poethead: i was wearing that pin the other day to see how it works. it's huge i felt like i had on a crochet shield!
bjohn: you are sweet to say this, i appreciate it!

Michele said...

these are so gorgeous! i love the second one with all the octopus arms and the delicate grey center.

i think at this time of year we all need to get the kinks out.

Sonya said...

Hey Cat, these are really lovely and I saw the IK preview - nice skirt! You are singlehandedly bringing back the glam of the knitted skirt.

kat coyle said...

Thanks Sonya!