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Friday, November 07, 2008


While my mom cooked dinner last night, I did some laundry and finished knitting the motif. On such a small piece of work, weaving in all the ends really wasn't such a big deal. I decided to toss it into the washing machine and felt it. What the heck.

This morning, Johnny stopped by the house with three lollipops.
Felix already ate all his Halloween candy, so this was a big treat. Oh, and inside each lollipop is a bug!


lori z said...

Your motives are so colourful.

And...before you mentioned it I did think to myself: does that candy have bugs in it? Is it like the tequila worm?

Poethead said...

How did I miss your last two posts? I never do! The colors are amazing in all of them. I know you're loving working with those kids! Fun! I love the rocks under the motif. I love love rocks.

Craft Punk said...

Your motif is stunning!
And are bugs good in lollies?
So cute!

gay said...

eew ew ew!!! bugs ew! love felix's face paint and love all the color you've got going on. my knitting is at a standstill again but i am sewing and starting some new felting projects using thrift store woolens!!! cheating i know but fun anyway! i wore my burnished tunic and love love love it! can't wait to make my second in black!

Michele said...

i love how he's holding those! holding on tight - as if the bugs might get away on him. your motif reminds me of a mini rug. maybe you will find it useful to put something little and precious on it.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors- so bright and cheery! Lollipops with bugs in them...boys! ;)