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Friday, November 14, 2008

knit ring

It’s mid November and 90 degrees outside! With the fan blowing, I knit up some sweater-y rings...just in case my bracelets got lonely.


mames said...

love. can you marry me so i can have one? just kidding. see you tomorrow. :)

Gudrun Johnston said...

90 degrees really? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Pattern, please...will need a matchy / matchy for the bracelettes.THX!

Poethead said...

Really cute! Did you make one for Felix's tiny finger, and if you did, how in the world did you make it so tiny?

Leanne said...

So beautiful - I love the bracelets and ring together!

Mary Jane said...


Michele said...

adorable! would never have thought of this. love your gem.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a set! Love it!

So great to see you the other day, too- as always. :)