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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Happy New Year!

We're having a heat wave this week and look who came to visit, a wee tomato with a few tomato friends.

It's almost too warm this afternoon, to wear this long necklace! Ah, California winter so brief, so sweet.

My son took the blurry photo. It's better than the ones in focus. The fuzzy mood fits the post.
Below is a collection of chokers and a pair of wrist cuffs.

Once, I started making these I couldn't stop. I still have enough yarn from one skein of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn to make more. woohoo!


Carlene said...

Those are beautiful, beautiful! Nicer than socks. (I want to see the necklace close up, plz.)

Carlene said...

Oh, I didn't mean the socks in your previous post, of course, I meant socks made from Noro Kureyon Sock. You knew that, right?

mames said...

missed you. and a very happy new year!

love the knitting, you are always so damn creative. will i see you thursday at the knitting thing at unwind? i hope so!

Gudrun Johnston said...

It's going to be bizarre to arrive back to this climate on Friday......tomatoes growing in January!!!
Abolutely love all the creative crocheting you've got going on.....hopw we can meet up in person this year!

Anonymous said...

That long necklace is amazing! No, really. Love. Your creativity is just endless!

I so look forward to seeing you tomorrow! :)

Poethead said...

Okay, see, here's the thing: We're freezing our butts off, here in Maine (and elsewhere in the nation)!!!!! It's below zero, and the worst of it isn't coming until tomorrow night!! You! You show tomatoes growing!!! HEAT!!! It's almost too much!! Can I come over?
P.S. I know you probably don't have a pattern for your chokers and such, but what did you do? They're really neat! You should know, I'm always going to ask!

Emily said...

Fun pictures! Those are lovely in that last picture :) Happy New Year to you, as well :)


Anonymous said...

Kat... you make me so happy! I love the cuffs! Need recipes!
Also loving your skirts!
Yarns in the FArms

Anonymous said...

They're fabulous Kat.
I adore the colours.