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Monday, February 19, 2007

black striped la la scarf

black striped la la scarf
Originally uploaded by katcoyle.

When I get a minute between work projects I like to make scarves and shawls. Recently, I've been making variations of the La La Scarf (pattern in Greetings from the Knit Cafe). These two are striped in carnival colors. Most people prefer to wear bland muted colors, or solid basic colors but that makes for dull knitting.


Twisted Knitter said...

I love your La La scarves, Kat. I am always won over by color first then design next. Beautiful!

sandy said...

This scarf looks larger than the ones featured in The Knit Cafe book. What was the variation? I found that the instructions in the book made a scarf that was too small for me. I'd love to size it up. Any suggestions?


kat coyle said...

Hi Sandy,
I didn't have an email addy for you so I hope you are checking back here for an answer to your question.
The modification on the black scarf is the stripe sequence, and the dark pink yarn is a thicker mohair (GGH Kid Soft) and the loops on the bottom row are not as ruffled as in the pattern in the book. If you want to make a bigger/wider/longer scarf simply continue increasing 4 sts every RS row as indicated in the pattern until it is the size you like. Keep in mind that the additional sts will affect the stitch count for the ruffley bind off.
Hope this helps!