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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It felt like spring today. This morning there was a bit of rain, and then blue skies with white clouds. Felix ran around. I chased him.
He is a night owl and stays up to watch Popeye cartoons. A few weeks ago he started calling me Olive Oil. It must be the hair do.


dana said...

Can you say anything about the sweater you are wearing -- that is, whether it is handknit, and of whose design? I want to make one. Thanks.

kat coyle said...

Hi Dana,
It is funny you ask because I was going to talk about the sweater but the photo doesn't show it off that well. I'l try to post a better picture in the next couple of days. I knit it from my own design, though I don't have the pattern written.

Anonymous said...

Very cute nickname! I look forward to seeing and reading more about the sweater. :)

Anonymous said...

Kat-That is an Olive Oil Hair Due--To answer your question-The TV show DIRT is on channel 60 Tue. night at 10 and 11--it's about the Tabloids and it stars Courtney Cox--and it's all about the sleazy show business secrets.