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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

busy hands

Keeping my hands busy in this summer heat.
Last week I sent off a design for Classic Elite and I'm waiting for yarn for a project for Interweave Knits. That's my business report: in between projects for spring 2008.

Here is a finished pair of socks for a friend's birthday.
It is so hot outside I decided to hold the socks in my hands, for fear my feet might melt if I modeled them. The yarn is pretty cool though, it's Tofutsies from SWTC. And the pattern is obviously just a basic one; cast on 60 sts on US size 1 needles. Okay by me to keep it simple, it's knitting to pass the nervous moments away and bad moods too. I wait for everyone to sleep at night then I make small paintings as a way to climb out of the ordinary.

It works for me.


Connie said...

Oh my goodness, Kat. I love that painting. Do you ever sell your artwork?

I hope you get your yarn soon!

Gudrun Johnston said...

Very cool painting! I like the cool sea-like colours in the socks...nice and refreshing in the hot California heat!

Anonymous said...

Great sock. And I love your paintings so much, this is no exception. I'm feeling celebratory today- this painting captures that feeling so well!

Marnie said...

It's been hot up in Portland, but not so hot I'd fear a sock. hehe

I really like the sock though. It's nice with the color changes are so short that you don't get any flashing or pooling. How does the yarn feel?

The painting is gorgeous.

Romi said...

Love the painting. :)

Anonymous said...

Is ther no end to your TALENT ? I love all of your small paintings..They are like dreams-so interesting and complex-The heat will create a bad mood every time..