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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

scarf hat

The Nomad Hat in its original form:

Cooked up in 2003...I think. The yarn is Mondial Prestigio, (lace weight mohair) and the stripe on the hat is an old dk Rowan wool.
And, the swatch I sent in to IK.

The swatch looks so dreary today. I must have been going through a grey phase. I do like grey a lot. The swatch yarn is Knit One Crochet Too Douceur et Soie and the stripe is Classic Elite Inca Marl.


Connie said...

I like the original version too! It's a more ethereal, but no less lovely version of the final IK project. What yarn did you use for it?

Mary-Heather said...

Pretty picture with your famous (nice) knitmodel friend! ;) Did you take this at your mom's?

Anonymous said...

Ooh- I love this version! It looks so soft and cozy.

Nora said...

No, not dreary at all - it's beautiful. [I love grey too.]

Gudrun Johnston said...

Really interesting to see the different versions of the hat/scarf....thanks for sharing this...they all look great!

Carlene said...

Ooh, nice! I love grey, too. In fact, I think my personal Nomad is going to be made from a charcoal wool ribbon yarn I have stashed away.

Romi said...

Very cool! I love grey, too. :)

Marnie said...

Mmm, understated and elegant. I like the gray, though the berry colors sure do pop.

Anonymous said...

Like Marnie, I like understated. There are so many different shades of grey, and I think the two you put together are lovely.

But texture is nice, too!

- MJ