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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Usually, after I finish a deadline I feel tired. This time was no different. I have things I really need to work on but instead I took this week to start three new projects. Does anyone else ever feel actual fear when they think about what they're SUPPOSED to be doing? When anxiety strikes, I get knitting!
What better way to relax than slip into the imaginings that come with making a child's toy? I couldn't resist knitting the unicorn from Dream Toys by Claire Garland. We have a little friend who I think will LOVE it. I'm thinking ahead here for Christmas presents.

From one of my favorite sock books Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, I cast on for the Fancy Silk Sock. These too will be a gift, but for an October birthday. I'm working with Trekking pro natura yarn; really like the color a lot (#1605), but the yarn doesn't feel soft I hope it's not too itchy for my friend. Maybe it will soften up after a wash.

And finally, I started to design a lace shawl in a triangle shape. The yarn feels like a wool rayon blend. It's from a large cone I bought years ago and I can't remember what it is. I'm excited about this one; I just love knitting lace so much. My first knitting love is lace.


michele said...

i think i've heard the trekking does soften up with washing. i love that color too.

part of being self-employed or self-directed in life is yeah often there isn't someone standing behind you saying you gotta do this. so the fear about what to be doing is natural especially when we're tried. i feel it sometimes.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Is that one of those blessing baskets? I have one too for my 'working' projects! Must be nice to pick some fun things to knit with no pressure! I'm having a brain scramble right now as I type up a pattern before I go to Scotland but I also plan to knit some stuff from other people's patterns when away..can't wait!

heidi said...

I often feel fear when facing my to do list for the upcoming years. All that has to be done seems like an incredible load! But little fractions of it (this year's projects) aren't as frightening. When they still frighten me, I try to write down individual tasks that I need to do in order to accomplish the bigger project. Usually, those tasks seem a lot less frightening. But sometimes they still do and I lie awake at night thinking about them. At that point, all that helps me is taking the task and making it done. And kntting, of course!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I am enjoying your site so very much, and look forward to my visit... Your sock is coming along just beautiful. I have had that book for a while now and have been so busy I have not yet knit from it. In the book is a beautiful pair of lace baby socks I one day plan to knit. I am a beginner at knitting lace, but oh it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see your finished piece... Enjoy your knitting...

Beverly :o)

Anonymous said...

You're designing a triangular lace shawl, and I just finished (my very first) one! I can't to see what yours will look like! Now that I'm a lace shawl knitter. ;) ps: Fun pics- I love seeing people's desks.

Debbie said...

I can't wait to see what everything turns into, when you're finished. I love your blog.

kat coyle said...

Thanks so much everyone for these encouraging comments. Just getting down to business and doing the things that must be done is the only cure for the nerves.