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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Yesterday, I made another doll. Felix asked me, "what's her name mommy?" I told him to come up with one and the first thing he said was Freddy. But, he changed his mind to Dimples. In the evening when we sat down for a marathon imaginary tea party and (imaginary) video game session with the dolls he decided on Dolly. Dolly it is.

Her little dress is made of two hand knit rectangles with a centered cable. Dolls don't have shoulders so I just ran a drawstring around the top ribbing to shape it. The hem is a crocheted shell edging. I was thinking about embellishing her some more with big heart hair ornaments and some beaded necklaces but Felix was opposed to the hearts. He grabbed the heart out of my hands and tried to rip it in half. Boys!

The best part of making these little dolls is when Felix plays with them. He wants me to talk to him through the dolls. He says "talk to the dolls mommy" which means make the dolls talk to me. I love that. Before I had Felix I didn't spend a lot of time around kids so I forgot what goes on during play time.


Mary-Heather said...

Felix is awesome. I just *love* the toys you're making him - so special, and how great that he loves them too!

Debbie said...

The dolls are adorable. I want one. You are so talented.

Marnie said...

Dolly is glorious. I love her. My favorite thing is her purple and black hair, though the dress is tres chic, too.
Felix is just a character.

kat coyle said...

Thanks so much for sharing in our Dolly love!