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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

felting, and super heroes

I’m happy to report that fulling the potholders was the right thing to do. Since, I don’t have a washing machine it was easy to not over do the felting process. It’s pretty tiring to mimic the agitation of a washing machine with your own two arms. As you can see the stitch definition is still there but what you might not be able to see is that the fabric is considerably more dense and substantial.
All I did was fill a small tub with hot tap water and some dish soap. Put the potholders in and sloshed the mix with a spatula. Every few minutes I would add more water since most of the water splashed all over the countertop. When I needed a rest I’d empty the tub and fill it with cold tap water. I repeated the hot, cold bath a few times until the knitting started to look dense.
I wrapped them in a towel and then pinned them to dry.

This funny blue elephant, Oliphaunt, is from a free pattern, on Cristina Shiffman’s blog phila * craft!

Felix loves him and named him Helli.

A couple of nights ago he had a dream about a super hero named Super Kitty. Super Kitty is orange and has a green light hand and a red light hand so he can help direct traffic. His hands also change into a broom and a mop so he can help keep the streets clean.
Felix wants me to make a Super Kitty. We’re going to work on that today but in the mean time, I made a wrist band which I thought would be a great first project for the kids learn to knit class.

This is what I found this morning, Felix wearing his super hero wristband. Could it help him dream super hero dreams?


Mary-Heather said...

Oh my gosh, the Feliz pictures are killing me!!! So. Cute.

Miss you guys!!

Poethead said...

The potholders came out well! Felix looks like a little cherub, who decided to take a little rest. Sweet!

Denise Gallagher said...

I love that you knit your dreams...
How wonderful!
(And Felix is such a cutie!)

Thanks so much for your kind comment!


Cristina said...

Helli deserves his own constellation. Good wishes for Felix and Helli and Super Kitty on their super adventures!

Mary Jane said...

Nice potholders! Though fulling by hand can take a while I know, it's good for squeezing out aggression!

Didn't Helli come out nice? Black fleece is sometimes nice for stuffing too.

I love the superhero wrist band, you brilliant woman! What a great idea for kids.