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Friday, August 15, 2008

painting together

painting together, originally uploaded by kat coyle.

Felix and I have been painting together. We’re taking a class called "the magical tree of everything" and last Wednesday we painted trees that were very different yet looked so harmonious and connected. I was inspired and Felix said he had a lot of fun. This morning he wanted to paint together. It’s so hot outside I was grateful to stay inside.


mames said...

so beautiful. you are the coolest mama. to the coolest kid. :)

Poethead said...

Ahhh. . .so sweet! He's going to be as talented as his mommy!

kat coyle said...

you guys are sweet! i should have said in my description that the black paint streaks are asteroids and that Felix said he made the picture for me for love. now that deserves an "ah..."
you know, 'cause usually he is stomping his feet and mad at me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond touching, looking at yours and Felix's artworks side by side. Love!