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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

magical tree of everything

-click the photo for bigger magic trees!

Here are a few of the paintings that were done in the Magical Tree of Everything class.

edited to add: teacher abira ali's flickr set with all the paintings from her wonderful class.


Knitsonya said...

Those trees are magnificent!

mames said...

wonderful. what a collaboration.

Poethead said...

What fun! I just realized I have missed a couple of your posts. How did that happen?! I can't wait to see your new projects.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a class. I love them all.

Michele said...

they are all so different! and so beautiful. i love that Felix's is so loose and yet so balanced. it reminds me of the work of a painter called Forrest Moses or Moses Forrest - sorry i can check the name for you when i get home if you like.

gay said...

these paintings of trees are wonderfull. i do love how his are so different from yours but yet they are related.