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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

knitting lesson

We Call Them Pirates

One thing I've learned about knitting is that if you haven't quite mastered a certain technique or stitch pattern, you will eventually; and for me it happens after many hours of practice.
I let all my mistakes and sloppy tension remain in the hat because if I had ripped and re knit something as small as a hat my patience would wear out and the joy of process would drain. If that happens I’ll not keep trying to get better at stranded knitting.
I have to enjoy the process to practice and in the learning phase it’s more in my nature to just keep going rather than re do.
Coincidentally, this topic came up last weekend when a beginning knitter asked me how to get an even tension on her garter stitch. I told her to keep knitting eventually it will happen. So, I listened to my own advice while making the pirates.

I goofed a few times with the sequence of light and dark, my tension isn't very even and my hem stinks. But it's done and I’m pleased anyway.

Good news bad news: while soaking the hat in a tub of water (at midnight) Johnny got up for a glass of water. When he came back into the room he said, “Did you knit that hat with skulls?”
“Uh, no, why?” awkward lying moment
“Oh, cause it’s pretty cool”.
So, it won’t be too much of a surprise but I know he’ll like it.


michele said...

if i change my name to Johnny can the hat be mine? ;) well maybe not now that he's seen it.

anyway i *love* this hat imperfections and all. and it's good to know he likes it too.

i was thinking last night the hat is kind of like that 3D face dress showing under the Stella sweater in my last post. very cool.

you totally need practice at lying though. not that i promote lying to one's partner.

Twisted Knitter said...

I love the hat and your tenacity, and thought it was really cute that you're bad at lying under duress.

Oiyi said...

I think it looks great.

Connie said...

It's very cool, Kat :) I stink at stranded knitting - my tension is always off. But I do love color in knitting. I guess I'll have to do as you suggest and keep practicing!

Gudrun Johnston said...

Looks fab! I agree that it would take away from the satisfaction of a quick knit to keep undoing the work!
I always work on "secret" things for my partner right under his nose and of course he always asks about those projects!

Carlene said...

That looks awesome!

Okay,'re a knitter...there's a handknit hat, either soaking or soaked, in the bathroom...and you LIE about knitting it? And he BUYS IT!? You guys are hilarious.

Lolly said...

I think it is hilarious that you lied about it :)

It looks great. This is such a fun pattern!

Marnie said...

Haha, my favorite part of the story is when you deny knitting the hat. So cute.

I love the finished hat and I think you are probably too hard on yourself. It might not be absolutely perfect but it's pretty darn nice. :)

Mary Jane said...

Wow! That was fast, procrastination over overnight! I better get to it! I'm inspired! I love that pirate hat. Any unevenness (which only you can see) will come out with a little wearing.Bravo new friend!

kat coyle said...

I'm glad to hear that my bad episode of lying amused everyone. Good thing Johnny was so tired or he would've noticed my deer in the headlights face of denial. But, yeah...hand knit hat, knitter in the uh okay.

I've studied the hat since posting and definitely things got bad towards the top when I was knitting while falling asleep and working on dpns. Probably if I knit while alert my skills will improve!

Debbie said...

Kat, the hat is amazing! So cute, and it's on a cute little guy!

Emma said...

Thanks for a few good laughs! I love the thought of practise knitting while making something. It gives me hope. Actually it might give me courage to start a sweater which only exists in my head.

Madge said...

You crack me up! Plausible denialibilty...isn't that the term? Hehe.

Thumbs up on your Pirate hat. Each stitch carries a bit of you in it, your love and fragility, your desire to accomplish's lovely as is. I'm glad you didn't rip all that away.

Romi said...

I love that hat. :)

Lisa said...

The hat is fantastic. So creative you are and your site is always a pleasure to browse.