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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Pattern: Socks from Ivo from Andean Folk Knits.

After I finished the Fancy Silk Socks I thought for sure I was done with socks. I loved them but was tired of tiny stitches going around and around. So, I picked up an old project I had started before the summer heat made it difficult to have a heap of wool in my lap. And after a few days of feverish knitting I realized that I wasn't on deadline and I didn't need to finish a shrug for myself in less than a week. Suddenly, socks seemed like a relief.
I found that I was feeling angry and resentful towards the thick yarn (heavy work hurts my wrists) -so I went back to socks.
All these emotions about knitting and projects. It's funny. I find myself drawn to projects and I try to follow my whims since one thing leads to another and sometimes a brain storming session of new ideas will strike as I knit on something mindless.

The main yarn is Lang Jawoll and the contrast yarn is Paca-Peds. I love how the stranded knitting with a monochromatic variegate yarn looks. I really really like these socks! This pair is for a friend who has a birthday coming soon. But, I'm pretty sure I'll be making another pair in different colors soon.
Has anyone used the yarn Paca-Peds-from the Alpaca Yarn Company? I tried looking for finished socks but didn't see any out there (except for the ones on the yarn companys site).


Connie said...

I love those socks - so delicate and refined looking with that bit of fair isle at the cuff.

Ha ha, I know totally what you mean about feverishly knitting on even relaxing, non deadline knitting. It must be muscle memory or reflex. Glad you were able to find something to slow you down! :)

I feel a bit uncomfortable because I feel like I *ought* to be thinking of new designs, but my brain is completely fried at the moment and I have nothing. :(

Gudrun Johnston said...

So cute! Nice that they're ankle socks too! I started a pair of socks months ago for my husband....the first sock is hiding under a pile of yarn somewhere wondering what happened to it's mate!

a friend to knit with said...

i think that these are so cute!
and i love the photos....

Tea Time and Roses said...

I love these, and the edging makes them all the more beautiful!



Joan [] said...

I love the look of these socks, especially with those shoes!

Mary Jane said...

That first picture! So great, pointy and sweet.

kat coyle said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I haven't worn these shoes in a couple of years but now they're back in rotation and of course I want to make another pair of these socks to go with them!