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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Pomegranate plucked from a friend's tree a couple of days ago. As soon as I cut it open and saw the garnet seeds my appetite awakened. I love the taste of sweet juice with a bitter core. And, the thought of people enjoying this food for centuries, just as it is off the tree, inspires. Is there any food more beautiful than a pomegranate?

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a friend to knit with said...

wow! right off of the all are so lucky!
cool shot!

nicole said...

Beautiful picture, you're like a modern-day Persephone. But oh, please don't bite into the pith, it's so bitter. My mouth is puckering just looking at your photo.

Pomegranates are truly beautiful, with their jewel-like seeds and glossy peel. I got some lovely wood-blocked Proven├žal fabric with a pomegranate design that I turned into sofa cushions. I get a ton of compliments for them.

Nora said...

Lovely photo. The colours in that pom are perfect!